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What is it? It was my first reaction at receiving the Daring Kitchen email. Then, I learn that they are a sort of Ravioli. I’m Italian and so I have the bad habit to relate foreign kitchen to local traditions 🙂 But I regained almost immediatly my rational side: I’m a proud member of Daring Kitchen and I want to learn more about cooking. So, what am I awaiting to try the Pierogi recipe proposed by LizG of Bits n’ Bites and Anula of Anula’s Kitchen. Pierogi, in case you don’t know them as me, are a traditional first course, salty or sweet, of Eastern Europe. My Polish friend, Agnieszka, told me that in her family they are usually filled with bluberries of strawberries and sugar or potatoes with cheese and onions. If they are sweety, they are served with cream. While for salty pierogi, she advised me to prefer butter and pancetta or even speck.

Castelluccio di Norcia: a treasure

When do you discover an enchanting place the temptation it’s to keep it hidden. But to live it completely it’s almost impossible and irrational to not talk about it to friends or people you meet in real life and on line. So, I’m unable to not translate even in English my love, appreciation, respect of Castelluccio di Norcia. You may have heard of Castelluccio lentins. In Italy, lentins are traditionally cook for New Year Eye given their association with money. I’m not here to talk of food. I want to let you discover how beatiful is Castelluccio di Norcia, an enviromental diamont in Umbria in the protected area of Sibillini Mountains. You can reach them just driving a car or taking a bus from Norcia (far almost 30 km, check the timetable and day weeks of bus services). You don’t trust me…

For English speaking friends

No no it isn’t a reunion with some English friends. This post want to offer an friendly overview of the English posts that have appears here on Ma che ti sei mangiato, that literaly means What have you eaten? Being part of the very active community of SITs Girls for a quite challeging initiative, the #31DBB, in which we learn in 31 days how to improve blogs and blogging abilities, it’s necessary to show to my SITs Girls and english reader what I do. I cook, read, travel, think…and blog. Here the full and updated list of post written in my English, an English according to the Italian Style 🙂