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Nigella’s chocolate pear pudding and my sister

Once upon a time, I read about  Juls Kitchen and her muffins.
It happened that last summer I read Eat, Pray, Love and it partially seduced me.
It happened that Juls Kitchen wrote about Eat, Pray, Love, when it talked about being friends of yourself.
It happened that those days my daring sister was in Rome.
It happened that an elder sister desires to teach to her daring sister how to live well even through food, my actual language these days.
It happened that Juls Kitchen made her muffind for the contest Forever Nigella #2 Seduced by chocolate.
It happened that, despite I’m too thin, I love Nigella. She’s a women that loves herself.
What is it more valuable to teach to a younger sister that love herself?

This pudding born from all these combinations. Furthermore, I added something personal as gianduja chocolate and salted butter, about which I tweeted those days with Un tocco di zenzero, and something from my region, Friuli, and from my modest role of #winetutor for Tirebouchon.

It’s now time for the recipe of the Chocolate Pear Pudding revisited with Ramandolo. In bold text you find my adaptation of the original Nigella’s recipe.

Chocolate Pear Pudding with Ramandolo

2 Kaiser’s pears ( instead of 2 x 415g cans pear halves in juice)
150 gr salted soft butter
125 gr flour type 1 of Mulino Mulino
125 gr caster sugar
25 gr cocoa
50 gr gianduja chocolate, diced
1 teaspoon  baking powder
2 eggs
1 tablespoon of Ramandolo wine

I peel and cut in 8 parts pears (almost 500 gr). Then I dice them. I grease a 20cm ovenproof dish (I had a round cake pan) with butter. I arrange pears on the base of the dish (or cake pan).

I work together butter, flour, sugar, cocoa and chocolate. Then I add eggs and soon after Ramandolo wine. I work all well till to obtain an homogeneous black butter.

I preheat oven at 200°C.

I spread the brown batter over the pears, and bake in the oven for 35 minutes.

I serve the pudding in dishes.

It’s a pudding, not a cake. It will seduce your guests as mine from the moment you put it in the oven. I sister conquered me saying:

“Why did you want to bring me to a restaurant? That dinner with Bonci’s pizza and chocolate pudding is so perfect”

Young sister are so great in say the right thing at the right moment. While elder sister are so great to teach …and cook 🙂

Thanks to all those that even unconsciously contributed to my Chocolate Pear Pudding with Ramandolo.
Now it’s your turn to contribute partecipating to Forever Nigella #2 Seduced by chocolate.
Deadline: 20th February 2011

Hey! You know her! That’s a friend of yours!

Italian version here.