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Three Signs o’ Fall

I just woke up and take a long walk around Rome with a lot of memories from my recent trip back to home in Friuli. Back home I read of this contest organized by She who blogs about the Three Signs o’ Fall. In this contest you have to identify your Three Signs o’ Fall and choose a photo to represent the essence of your Fall.

My Three Signs o’ Fall are:

  1. Changing colors not only on leaves. Natural light changes color creating a sort of rainbow of warm colors around everything…apart in the moments where rain appears 🙂 Even food changes its color. Pumpking is the supreme symbol of fall food, with all its power of nourishment, simplicity and optimistic orange.
  2. Soups and hot teas, an extreme need to have a soup or a very hot tea after a long day of work become a way to have care of Me. They become a way to enter into the impalpable world of important things of life.
  3. Look through the window. It’s an old time habit acquired during my childhood days in my family home in the country of Friuli, a region in North Eastern part of Italy. Rain was (and is there) a commond friend and during fall it comes very often to visit you. Window was for me a sort of protected way to look out, a way to satisfy my general curiosity on life.

Therefore, my picture to capture the spiriti o’ Fall is:


  1. I, too, enjoy looking out windows. I especially love sitting in a window seat, sipping tea, and reading a book… Nice post!

    I found your blog via the She Who Blogs contest and thought I would stop by and say hello. 🙂

    Nice to meet you!

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