Fall Fest: Fall salad with grapes and figs

A fall salad, what an easy and appealing theme this week for the Fall Fest organized by Margaret Roach on A way to garden. I can’t say if she is more an expert of gardening or cooking. In both cases, her approach is really fresh. And the word fresh doesn’t refer only to temperature, it refers too to the deside to eat fresh food, food in the right season. From that idea born the Summer Fest 3 years ago. Now we’re in autumn, so it’s time to work for the Fall Fest.

My Fall Salad mixed grapes, really on season with fennel and with the roman rocket. In all Italy, rocket is known as rucola, while her in Rome you find rughetta. It’s such a typical vegetable, that you find it at the market almost in every season. The last ingredient is …

Salad with grapes and figs

Ingredients for 3 people

Black grapes
1/2 fennel
oulp of 3 figs
an handful of rocket
few salt, pepper
extra virgin olive oil

Wash all vegetables. Cut in half grapes and eliminate their seeds. Cut in slices half fennel,and in small cubes figs. Mix together grapes, fennel, rocket, and figs. Adjust with salt and pepper and add oil and vinegar.