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Cjalsòns, Gianni Cosetti and bloggers

Cjalsòns? What am I saying? Which language is that? Furlan, ladies and gentlement. Cjalsòns are a type of ravioli or pierogi typical of Carnia, the mountanous area of Friuli, better, to avoid discriminations, of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Gianni Cosetti? Who is he? He was a chef, who worked among Friuli and Rome. His major success was “Il Roma” Restaurant in Tolmezzo, where he proposed a cuisine able to win one star Michelin. That star was do to his abilities also in anticipate the local food mania. He worked hard to maintain and promote local recipes and ingredients.

I’m here not to talk of Cjalsòns and presenting you a recipe. I’m here to introduce you to one of my ideas. My aim is to present you Cjalsòns letting other bloggers to test his recipe.

Other bloggers? Any blogger that agree to partecipate to Cjalsòns 2010. My blogger’s friend have been already disturbed during their summer holidays. Anyhow, Cjalsòns 2010 isn’t a blog contest for few and selected bloggers, feel free to partecipate.

I wrote to about 40 foodblogger (and not only foodbloggers). Playing with my English and Italian I contacted friend asking them if they are available to cook Cjalsòns. The positive response surprised already me a log.

Cjalsòns’ recipes

I send (i will send to whom would like to be part of that adventure) a discrete file where there are:

  • 6  Cjalsòns’ recipes publised on the cookbook Nuova e Vecchia Cucina di Carnia by Gianni Cosetti
  • 3 Cjalsòns’ recipes send on a friendly base by Anna Cosetti. She offers as also the exclusive recipe that her father, Gianni Cosetti, proposed to guests of “Il Roma” restaurant.

So many recipes! As any traditional dish, Cjalsòns lives thanks to adapation. Cjalsòns were made during special days, and being a food of the poor people, those that worked in the era of No Internet No party :), every family tried to adapt it to her food availabilities.
Gianni Cosetti organized a contest among women living in Carnia con Cjalsòns. In this way, he collected among the 40 participants, 40 different recipes.

A table full of Cjalsons during the contest organized by Gianni Cosetti (picture from "Il mondo di Gianni Cosetti" di Annalisa Bonfiglioli)

Cjalsòns 2010

Rules and numbers of this event:

  • 36more than 50 blogger + 4 no-blogger already agreed to partecipate, 5 said “maybe”, other will find an email when they’ll come back from holidays. And you? For the moment, I’ve contacted friends, met in person or with whom I’ve a long standing contact. There are  foodbloggers, winebloggers e beerbloggers: no exclusion is performed
  • they will test at least one of the recipes proposed and will post about it
  • that all from 1th September and 15th October 2010 2 November, 2010
  • at the end, I’ll collect all posts.

Is it still possibile to partecipate? Of course. I suspect to have forgotten some bloggers in my Cjalsòns 2010 mailing list 🙂
Don’t worry, if you want and can partecipate write me an email
(rori[.]rori[at]libero[.]it ) or a comment.





…in casual order, without preferences, here a list of blogs that will eat Cjalsòns soon 🙂


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Anna Maria – a no-blogger friends. I’ll publish about her experiment.

AlessandraB – another no-blogger friend, who gave me an idea on how to allow all to take part to Cjalsòns 2010. Write me otherwise be patient few days for an explanatory post.

… and myself.

… and you?


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