For English speaking friends

No no it isn’t a reunion with some English friends. This post want to offer an friendly overview of the English posts that have appears here on Ma che ti sei mangiato, that literaly means What have you eaten?

Being part of the very active community of SITs Girls for a quite challeging initiative, the #31DBB, in which we learn in 31 days how to improve blogs and blogging abilities, it’s necessary to show to my SITs Girls and english reader what I do.

I cook, read, travel, think…and blog. Here the full and updated list of post written in my English, an English according to the Italian Style 🙂

Starting from the most recent:

Donna Hay Pizza Bread – What a better opportunity to post in another language that a blog contest as the Hay Hay Donna Day?!

Kitchen Bootcamp: A salad – Another contest, another recipe this time Spiced Eggplants

Peaccino for HHDD – but what’s a Peaccino? Just mine adaptation of a Donna Hay’s soup

An indian summer – Let’s look to other cooking style, starting with a blog interview to The Art of Cooking Indian Food

Vegan friends at dinner – How to adapt your cooking style to vegan friends according to Valeria from Canada

Hosting a post-vacation dinner – What a better source of ideas of Winos And Foodies

Daring Bakers – Just once in the past I took part to the challenging Daring Bakers with the Perfect Party Cake

Menu for Hope – I partecipate to it for 2 years now. Here the 2009 post

A special thanks to …Canada – After 3 months in Canada, I had to say thank you to that country

Parmesan Risotto – A great Italian recipe to share with SITs Girls

TiramisĂą – Another classic Italian recipe. You must try it, with or without Donna Hay 🙂

Potatoes  in the pot – A regional recipe from Italy, an Italian-English speaking post

Taste and Create : June 2008 – I adore that blog contests, learn how to do Chicken with mushroom in marsala sauce, as I did

Risotto with melon – A great and unusual idea to use rice and melon for lunch

The Heart of the Matter – Farro and Barley salad, great for summer days

Strawberries in English – A collection of 3 gorgeous recipes based on strawberries

An apple a day – The first contests I organized.

Wine experiences from Friuli – Let’s discover white wines from Friuli (Italy)

Please, feel free to comments and critique …my English is evolving constantly as well as my cooking abilities

Image by English Blog.