A special thanks to …

I arrived in Canada 3 months ago eager to start a Visiting Scholar experience in Ottawa.
Now it’s time to go home say thanks you to who and what really contribute to my more than pleasant Canadian stay:
thanks to my friend Julie, who made that possible and hosted me all this period
thanks to Lucia who invited me to her Easter’s lunch. Great family with whom I talked in English and Italian about the new and old continent life, careers, and just life.

thanks to my friend Gauri from Toronto and her husband Mihir…and their four cats (including my cat-boyfriend) and all their squirrels in the garden. It’s really unbelievable how after seven year (we met in Geneva during another internship period) we are still able to chat as Friends

thanks to Paola, met on Twitter as  @PaolasEpicures , who cooked for me a French-Canadian dinner, introduced me to the hockey world, taught me my 1st lesson on ice skating and introduced me to her wonderful family
thanks to Louise with whom I had two lovely lunches on Preston Street. We met on Twitter (@louise_philp   ) and talked about life, its surprised, marriage, her genial son, her superhero husband…and Niagara Riesling, of course

 thanks to the Ottawa MeetUp groups, in particular to the Cinema Group, the Dining Out one and the 30+ group. I watched pretty in advance respect Italy many movies, had wonderful and friendly lunchs and visit a mill out of Ottawa. Thanks in particular to Deborah, Dianne, and Rachel

thanks to @SuzeMuse , thanks to her I met other nice Tweeters such as @WTL , Elkae ,  @snobiwan  and attended the wonderful belly dance show organized by @Halyma


thanks to the Contra Dance group    with whom I had my 1st lesson and danced for 3 hours. The organizer lived in Milan in 1968, in perfect ’68 style..and you can meet her at Chapter’s downtown Ottawa
thanks to @ChristieRessel from Toronto, met only online thanks to @louise_philp   http://twitter.com/louise_philp . Louise looked great before meeting her, but wonderful after her image suggestions. Christie convinced me of the importance of image and my need to overcome my scepticism toward image. I really hope to have the patience to follow also this route along all my interests.
thanks to all my Canadian collegues and to the other Visiting Scholar, Lin from Beijing
 thanks to my family
thanks to the books that motivate me : Basic Black   and  How to talk with anyone   
thanks to my Italian friends and Tweeters, always there ready to support me and activate my endless curiosity on life
thanks to my guineapig (boyfriend) who really supported me along the 3 Canadian months

 Last but not least, THANKS TO LIFE  !