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Fagioli del purgatorio

My Legumes Love Affairs is currently my of the favourite blog event. This months is hosted by When my soup come alive . It is an idea of The Well Seasoned Cook and last month was organized by Nourish Me .

In the former My Legumes Love Affairs’ I introduced you to Fagiolina del Trasimeno , which was greatly appreciated by you.

In the wave of discover Italian local typical legumes, this month I tasted the Fagioli del Purgatorio, literally beans of Purgatory. They come from Lazio Region, more specifically from Tuscia or Viterbo province. According to the tradition, they were prepared for the “Lunch of Purgatory” for the Ash Wednesday.

If you want to learn more read here (alas only in Italian).

My recipe is simple as these beans required. They are really tasting, my “guingeapig”, alias my boyfriend, really appreciated them, even more than Fagiolina del Trasimeno. While for me, they are good the taste and even more for the consistency. Try !

I bought them for my favourite bio-producer.


Dose for 2 people

200gr Beans of Purgatory

Some leeks, only the green part (I used leeks during the week and I had to use their green part)

Some celery


Olive oil


Put beans in cold water for at least 1 hours (I left them for 3 hours).

Then boil them in lightly salted water, with leeks (only the green part) and celery , for 40-50 min, according to your taste.

When it’s ready, taste it with just olive oil and parsley.

Next month I have for you Ceci del Solco Dritto. Lazio region is really full of local typical products. I’m in love right now.

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