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Tiramisu For Donna Hay

It is very great: for the first time I’ve a recipe ready ready to partecipate to a Donna Hay event . The topic of this month event is Tiramisu .

Here is the Italian recipe of the traditional one. Once I did also a strawberry tiramisu with a definitely more light recipe.


Double dose tiramisu, perfect for b-day party of 21 people (why 21? So happen last Saturday as the pic shows you)

500 gr of mascarpone cheese

5 eggs

5 tablespoon of sugar

Savoiardi (typical italian biscuits)

Not hot espresso coffee

Beat egg whites till obtain stiff peak (you can check if it’s the right level of stiffness, cutting egg whites with a knife. If the knife cut remains you have reached the right point).

In another bowl, mix together egg yolk and sugar. Beat till obtaining a creamy compound. Add mascarpone and beat again.

At the end add egg whites and mix gently with a wood spoon. The “technique” is do a spoon-movement downside-upside not a circular movement. Egg whites don’t have to unfold.

Meanwhile dip some savoiardi quickly in the coffee and line a serving dish. Add your cream. Make another stratum of savoiardi soaked in the coffee. The last layer must be of cream. Decorate with cocoa or grated chocolate.

Leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

That’s is my family recipe, thanks mum. No alcohol and cream in my version.

Sorry for the English, it’s better in statistics and medicine.