Dove mangiare

Tour del gelato: Gelateria del Teatro

As soon as I read last month the Tour del Gelato iniziative of Ms Adventures in Italy , I’ve fallen in love with it. What a best way to discover Rome ?

I’m in love with…not only with my Cavia (alias guineapig, alias Paolo). I’m in love with Rome and its hidden treasures. So I expected long before finding a person ready to come with me in the Gelateria I know. Obviously the first one to come was Paolo.

We were just wandering during a Sunday afternoon in downtown Rome, ready only to breath some fresh hair and enjoy the last day of a long week end. We were in piazza Navona when I decided to bring it to Gelateria del Teatro in Piazza S. Simeone 22a. It’s easy to find, walk along Via dei Coronari still you find a big ice cream closed to near Piazza San Salvatore in Lauro (telephone 06 45474880). There is the Gelateria.

Before to enter you’re already enchant by the Gelateria philosophy and story. First of all, a great stress on ingredients. They are all natural and typical of Italy: Bronte’s pistacchi, almonds, hazelnut from Langhe and so on. On the door you read the whole story: first a love story then a training period with an expert “pasticciere”, the strong support of friends and finally the shop.

When you see all the choice and the unusual choice in front of you, you know to be in the right place of a Gelato. Tastes range from mango to ricotta-fig-almond (my choice), from Sicilian “cassata” to Langhe’s hazelnut. I was so curious about these tastes that for the first time I didn’t choose the creams (chocolate, bacio). The mango really tasted of mango and the figs were real figs. The owner goes to the market every morning to choose his ingredients, and can feel all the passion beyond that ice cream.

Furthermore, you can easily select an ice-cream taste even if you can’t eat milk. Just look to the color of ice-cream spade.

Finally, you may taste the Gelato in the seats just outside. Outside doesn’t mean on a busy road, but in a romantic alley far from stress and noise.