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Strawberries in english

Few weeks ago I posted a post completely dedicated to strawberries and how to use them as appetizer, risotto and as well as dessert. The original post with pictures is here .
With strawberry I’ve a long standing love since my childhood. My best b-day party was the one for 5 years. Just me, my parents and grandparents but the key role was play by a basic wonderful cake with strawberry and cream. I should mention that I could have such a positive reminding because I drank for the first time “spumante”.

I’m translating in English that post for my English-speaking friends and for a blog event or better a Festival dedicated to strawberries: Strawberry Moon Festival .

It’s organized by Cooking in Cleveland. Thanks to her I’ve learned that The Full Moon of June was given the name Strawberry Moon by Native Americans. And what a chance, also one of my Taste & Create Partner is from Cleveland: Maybelles parents.

Here are some recipes from Rome with love and with a welcoming red, one of my favourite colours.


That’s a new entry in my recipe’s book and it’s from Soffi di Sale .

300 gr strawberry

300 gr cherry tomatoes

2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

3 tablespoon olive oil

1 little cucumber

Half shallot

1 slice of bread


Wash strawberries, cherry tomatoes. Peel the cucumber. Cut it in small pieces. Cut in four part tomatoes. Put some minutes the bread in a glass with water. Use the miniper with all the ingredients for 30 seconds. Add salt. Leave in the fridge for a whole night, it’s better.

As appetizer is excellent.


It’s one of my favorite risotto and it’s really really simple.

Ingredients for two people:

200 gr strawberries

180 gr rice

Extra vergin olive oil

1 small shallot

Vegetable stock

Some white wine (if you like it)


Slice the shallot and brown it in a pan with the few oil and some water. Add the strawberries cut in pieces. Cook until the fruit has become a cream. Add the rice. After a while add the wine (if you like it) and finally sdd the vegetable broth to cover the rice and as it evaporates little by little, add some more.

When the rice is cooked add some cream. And eat.

Finally a quick cake with strawberries.


Better the day after.

400 gr strawberries (cut in 2 part each or 4 parts, accordino to their dimension)

200 gr flour

3 eggs

150 gr sugar (I use two type of sugar, brown and normal)

50 gr milk (equal to 2 and half spoons)

Some rising agent (3 teaspoon)

40 gr oil (not of olive, the quantity is also equal to 2 spoons)

40 gr grated chocolate

finely grated zest of 1 lemon

Use a circular pat of 24-26 cm. Prepari it with butter and flour.

Then mixed eggs, sugar. Mix until you obtain a almost cream. Then add gradually the flour and the rising agent. After add oil, milk and lemon zest. Finally mixed the chocolate.

Pour half of it into the cake pan. Add half of the strawberries. Then pour the other part of the compound.Finally put the other strawberries and a good looking fashion.

Cook at 170°-190° for 20-40 min according to your oven. Check it’s cooked in the middle.