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Risotto and Melon

Given that some friends read me in English, let traslate a recipe that I love.

A really spring recipe to take by surprise friends.
It’s one of my best dishes in almost 3 years of intensive cooking. In Italy mixing fruit and starters is still quite unusual and I like to be unusual and creative. This recipe was originally taking from a food magazine, it was not ideal for spring. I tried to make it less heavy.
For me the secret is to balance all ingredients without let taste just one flavour…apart from melon, of course.


Ingredients for 6 persons (ideally for a dinner with friends)

1 and half melon
600 grams rice
1 shallot
a spoon (or less) of cream
1-2 spoons of grated cheese (parmigiano reggiano, in case you’re Italian as me)
1 glass of white wine (I love Moscato wine for risotti)
Olive oil
vegetable broth

Peel and cut the melon in little cubes. Prepare the broth and keep it hot.
In a pot add olive oil, shallot (cut) and a little bit of broth. Then add the rice and sautè, after add wine and half of the melon dose. When wine is completely absorbed by rice. Then gradually add broth and cook for 15-18 min occassionaly stirring. After 10 min add the rest of melon. Once rice is cooked, complete with cream and grated cheese.
Wait some minutes and serve.

For the original version  in italian look here , the risotto was part of a dinner menu with 6 friends in Rome.

For any doubt or suggestion, I’m here.

I’m just curious to know when melon is available in your region. For instance, here in Rome the right Melon season has just began.