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Maybelle’s Mango Jam

A new month, a new partner for  Taste & Create . This time is Feeding Maybelle . I scrolled all her blog in search of something at the same time interesting, curious and easy to do. My initial love was for the Linzer Cookies, but after some mail with Maybelle’s mum I opted for a very recent post: Mango Jam .

My 2008 desire (or to be more precise, one of my 2008 desires) was to learn to do jam. That mango jam is really easy to do, and quick. I couldn’t ask more in this period full of work and planning for my b-day picnic.

Thanks to internet I learn to cut mango. Easy, I know, but still some days ago I used it just as fresh fruit in Macedonia.

Maybelle’s mom strongly suggested to use cardamom, so for the first time I tried the Moroccan cardamom pod that a friend of me give me at least two year ago.

Thanks Maybelle’s mom, I’ve learned so many from that mango jam. I change very slightly the recipe: instead of pectin, I preferred some apple ( less than half big apple). Reading posts on jams, I always found apple as a natural substitute of pectin.

La Cavia (my guineapig in the kitchen, alias my boyfriend) deeply appreciates that jam even if we tried it just three hours after preparation. This morning the temptation to eat it was strong, but we hadn’t time. That’s a recipe to replicate often.


Ingredients for a little jar, good for some breakfast for 2 people

1 big ripe mango (peeled and cut into small cubes)

¼ cup of sugar – 50 gram of sugar

1 tablespoon lime – lemon, I hadn’t lime

1 pod of cardamom

1 teaspoon of pectin – less than half of apple cut in cubes

Take all the ingredients in a pot. Cook on medium heat, stirring in-between for 15-20 minutes. Don’t worry the watery mass will come together into solid. Turn off the heat. Let it cool and store in a clean jar.

Again thanks Maybelle’mom. It was funny to know that you can read Italian and you’ve Italian-American relatives.

Taste & Create is the only blog event that I’m able to respect despite working and personal duties. It worth the efford, every time.