An apple a day …

3rd March 2008 anniversary is in the past.

Thanks to all for your entry related to “An apple a day” blog event. It’s really great celebrate with you that anniversary. It’s even difficult to choose an order for the post received. At the end the chronological order is the chosen criteria. You have really a great creativity. A long list of Apple cake. What a coincidence. The first thing I cooked the same day of my hospital discharge was an Apple Cake.

Thanks to:

Laws of the Kitchen for its Apple and Cinnamon pancakes. It’s a really temping recipe given that pancakes here in Italy aren’t so common. What an emotion receiving the first entry to my Blog Event.

Winoandfoodies , one of my favourite blog. It’s quite embarissing receiving an email so a person you admire. Thanks Barbara for your Apple cake made with home-made baking powder.

The Spicy Life for its Oaxacan Braised Pork Belly with Apples, Pineapple & Cinnamon. Great recipe: 3 ingredient of the list and a really tasting food. An hug even to your mum.

HomeMades. As soon I looked at its blog I said WoW. Great picture and recipe: the Nigel’s English Apple Cake. Look even at the other two mentioned recipes in the post.

Just Another College Foodie and “Awake” Apple Barley. Loving tea that recipe is really special for me. I’ll try it as soon as possible.

Addicted Sweet Tooth with its Warm Apple Soup with Marzipan Gratin and Almond Amaretto Ice Cream. Great! Rome and NJ communicate by a foodblog. I’m just in a soup loving phase. Perfect !

Lalala with Cranberry Apple Butter which looks a great dessert

Life on Pflumm Road by Julie: Apple Almond Crunch Bread. Bread? Really curious about that bread

BeanTown Baker – Adventures in a Boston kitchen with the post on Homemade Applesauce. I love applesauce. Thanks Jen. I’ve never been to Boston but I dreamed for a long time your city, when I studied economics.

Happy Love Strawberry and Apple Streusal. I love the recipe and I know for whom cook it.

Ohhh ohhh even my cousin , best friend Laura participate with Torta di mele coperta found in a recipe book we used often when we were teenagers.

Make life sweeter! sent (Almost) No-sugar apple and almond pistachio frangipane tart. Tarts are always welcome.

From Italy Briciole with Apples at breakfast. I would say that I couldn’t find a better breakfast solution. Warning: complex recipe.

Melecotte participate with Glazed Apple Loaves. I love muffins, cookies…< /span>

From Italy Paneemiele with the recipe di Mele, Cappuccio e frittata al radicchio. A very easy and quick solution to mix healthy and tasting good foods.

Rahchachow and her Messy microwave applesauce. A great recipe for my days at my boyfriend home where there’s only the microwave. Now I’ll know what to do waiting for him. Cooking from A to Z with Pepper Apple Tomato Salad. I really appreciated the quote by Martin Luther King. Another coincidence: a Moroccan recipe. One of my favourite authors is Moroccan, she is not so well know at least in Italy but I fell in love of her first book on her childhood in a harem.

Finally for my bad memory the fabolous entry of Milk and Pumpking http://www.milk-and-pumpkin.blogspot.com/ (Ewa in the comments) . She made Polish Apples in the Jacket. I really like them.