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WBW # 42 : Just 7 words

Since two (oh…three, how quickly time goes on) years I’ve a deep passion for cooking, thanks to the person to which my blog is dedicated
Since two years I’ve a wider knowledge of wine thanks to my friend Eleonora, who started me to wine tasting
Since two months I’ve a foodblog, letting me discover a world of amazing home chefs
Since a month I’ve discovered online the Wine Blogging Wednesday
Since today I participate in WBWs. 

WBW # 42 is on an Italian Red and the ability of the wine taster to describe it in just 7 words. 

I spent almost half an hour in a popular “enoteca” in Trastevere  – Rome, wandering among Friuli’s wines (despite they are almost whites, but I love them), Lazio’s wines not finding one of the list I had during an interesting wine tasting event at International Wine Academy of Rome, Chianti’s bottle, Veneto’s reds…When I was on the point to give up I found the Etna Rosso, which I had the opportunity to taste during a tasting at Gambero Rosso . 

I chose the Etna Rosso 2005 Firriato  ( € 5.90 ).



Apart the good value for money, it’s a delicious wine. We tasted it during the lunch and we waited anxiously to taste it again in the evening.

Just 7 words: Spicy volcanic personality leads in Sicilian dances