An apple a day – Blog Event 3rd March 2008

I’d like to make special the 3rd March 2008, to make it an happy for myself. Now that I have a blog, what better solution than to organize a Blog Event. A apple a day…Blog Event promote healthy food.

In the page “Una mela al giorno” I describe (in Italian) what happen in the night of 3rd March 2007, when I was at home, luckily with my boyfriend, after day days of fewer. The Sanremo Festival was on the screen (don’t bother to discover what’s Sanremo Festival for Italy. Nothing special, just an annual event about which everyone talks). Around 9pm I felt better, I walked a few steps in the room. A mild headache convinced me to go back to bed. Then I didn’t moved, I had difficulties to speak. I felt very good inside, I understood, in my mind I replied to people. Soon my boyfriend realized what happened, he called the local ER without let me understand what’s going on. He kept himself and me calm. I tried to woke up when he was out of the room. I fell on the floor. In few minutes I was in the hospital. For 3-4 day I wasn’t able to move my right side of the body and had difficulties to speak. At 30 years I had a stroke.

Now hoping to making special my 3rd March 2008, I organize a Blog Event on foods that can prevent stroke. I made a critical selection. A apple a day … has a great scientific meaning. Indeed apples help also to prevent stroke. In your recipe apples must be present (one apple is enough) plus one of the other ingredients listed below.

Black Tea
Dark Chocolate

Cook something with apples and one of these ingredients and send me an email by the midnight of the 3rd March 2008.In the email to rori[punto]rori[at]libero[punto]it write:

email object: An apple a day
who you are
your blog’s name
your blog’s URL
your post’s (with recipe and picture) URL
name of the recipe
the ingredients of the list that you used
See you soon J

Make special the recipe for you.

If you want to post the An apple a day… logo, that’s the code:<a href=”https://machetiseimangiato.com/2008/02/01/an-apple-a-day-blog-event-3rd-march-2008/”>”><img src=’https://machetiseimangiato.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/an-apple-a-day.thumbnail.jpg’ title=’an apple a day’ alt=’an apple a day’ /></a> “ Thanks to all.