Eat Christimas Cookies

La realizzazione di questo blog mi porta a scoprire sempre più un mondo sorprendente fuori dal mio schermo. Oggi ho trovato un altro concorso. Stavolta in palio c'è un libro di Sharry Yard intitolato _Dessert by the Yard_.
Se volete sfidare la fortuna dovete mandare una o più ricette di biscotti entro il 24 dicembre, ma meglio se entro venerdì 17 dicembre. Perchè come si sa, c'è un gran da fare sotto Natale in cucina. 
Nel post con la ricetta bisogna mettere il link a:http://foodblogga.blogspot.com e ahttp://foodblogga.blogspot.com/2007/11/christmas-cookies-from-around-world.htmlnonchè aggiungere il logo della competizione. ecclogo2.jpeL'ultimo step é scrivere una mail a foodblogga [at] yahoo [dot] com, con l'oggetto Christmas Cookies as the subject. Nella mail bisogna precisare: nome, il nome del blog e URL, la URL del post sul blog, il nome dei biscotti, dove si vive ed eventualmente una foto.

 Se volete vedere le ricette finora proposte andate qua: http://foodblogga.blogspot.com/2007/11/christmas-cookies-from-around-world.html

Ahimè al momento sono a corto di foto e ahimè che la giornata dedicata ai biscotti sarà venerdì e non avrò un  pc vicino fino al 24 dicembre. Intanto partecipate voi

Ho provato a tradurre i miei NIDI DI MARMELLATA. Fatevi due risate:

 Now I try to translate the recipe of biscuits already publish in Italian. I have chosen it as my first post in the blog because it is strictly linked to my life. My blog is borne as third part of my X-mas 2007 present to by boyfriend. This recipe helped me to meet my boyfriend and a lot real friends.The recipe is taken from a Cameo book on cakes, biscuits and so on. Already when I was teenager I started to produce these cookie. Usually in the summer afternoons, just after lunch when the kitchen was empy, my  parents sleeping, and I was waiting the arrival of my  best friend I was with “mani in pasta”, working on the daily production of  NIDI DI MARMELLATA (Jam Nests).

During university years, I had to say goodbye to the cooking passion but as soon as I arrived from Udine to Rome in a flat with a kitchen I produced them. Great success with flatmates and friends.After a weekend in Muenich (Germany) to meet a former flatmate of Milan months, I came back to Rome with a strong intention to exploit Rome possibilities. So I look to groups that could allowed me to meet new and interesting people without pointing to dating. So I found an international group that organized a book club as well as a walking club. On the 27 february 2005 a walking in Canal Monterato Area was organized. I decided to offer them my cookies. The day before, a rainy saturday, I invited pair of friends to take a tea at my home. Fausto and Elena came quite surprised of the kind of invitation: a tea in Italy is usual. I gave them the least nice to see cookies. They eat about 250gr of biscuits in 15 minutes, no more. Fausto appreciated so much the cookies that said:"Tomorrow you will find your husband with these cookies !".

The next day in the walking group I met by boyfriend. It was an usual day: a very strong sun in Rome, some clouds outside the city, then snow in Canale Monterano.

The final (for now) magical effect of these cookies was at the annual meeting of my favourite cooking forum. The meeting was in Arezzo to celebrate the birthday of one of the founders. I was scared to bring something made by myself in front of so friendly but also very able cookers. But one of the following days one of the post of the forum was _Who made this cookies?_. They were my cookies and people was looking for the recipe.

So here the magic recipe to make friend 

NIDI CON LA MARMELLATA (Jam Nests or One more biscuit for friendship) 

Nidi di marmellata


250gr flour

3g baking powder

100 gr sugar (if you like mix with brown sugar)

Vanilla aroma


Almond aroma1

red part of the egg

150 gr butter

Jam (better a red type) 

Work together in the order: flour, baking powder, sugar, vanilla and almond aroma, salt, red part of the egg, and finally  butter cuts in little pieces. Stir until combined. In case leave in the fridge for 1 hours.Makes little balls big as a nutshell.  Make a tiny sinking (sorry for the English. I mean a hole without cut pasta) with the back of ladle (the end of handle). Put inside the the jam.

Cook in the electric oven at 200-225° for 15 minutes.

Dec 27th 2007. Surving in the net I have found a pretty similar version of NIDI DI MARMELLATO recipe in english. Look here: http://michemache.blogspot.com/2007/12/cookie-cutter.html